1955 – Jean Clarence Lambert: "Poétique de la danse" (also texts Kabir, Schiller, Valéry, Rilke, Garcia Lorca a.o.) performed in Falaize
1991 – Glen Tetley based his 1991 ballet "Tagore" on Zemlinsky’s music (see)
1995 – Battery Dance Co. in "Songs
of Tagore
" by choreographer Jonathan Hollander, with words and music of Tagore. Interludes composed by Gerald Cohen (see)
2001 – Sarah Cutler‘s project at Mount Holyoke University, an organic reaction to music, movement and poetry to Tagore’s work (see)
Rajhans-orchestra, conductor Hans Vermeersch: "De Bengaliwereld van Rabindranath Tagore"

Rabindrasanghit in Film & Photograpy (some)

"Tagore and Indian cinema with special reference to his impact on Indian film music" paper by Nirupama & Ajit Sheth, 1986 (see Publications)

Other results from IMDB on Tagore (mainly for texts)

Satyajit Ray was a student at Shantiniketan, see also: Songs by Sarmila Roy

Jayanta Guha – photographer (and professor in geology) "Rugissement de la mer et silence d’une rivière"

Drawing at right: Tagore by Satyajit Ray

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