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An index of compositions based on Tagore's work, or otherwise influenced by Tagore. The majority of compositions consists of musical settings of poems, also called Lieder. Any addition or correction to these pages is more than welcome:

Composer Year Title     Setting Cast Duration
(lo:muêso)  CD: (next:matêria)1. Tagore   
Adashi 2003Gitanjali Settings  Gtj.soprano or mezzo soprano, unaccomp.5'
Aitano 1936?Due liriche di Tagore     
Al-Rahmani 199.(Lieder)   soprano & piano 
Al-Zand 2004Tagore Love Songs 1. Do not keep to yourself Grd.24mezzo & piano 
    2. When she passed by me Grd.22baritone & piano 
    3. When the two sisters go to fetch water Grd.18mezzo & piano 
    4. I would ask for still more Gift.5baritone & piano 
    5. My heart, the bird of the wilderness Grd.31mezzo & piano 
    6. It was in May Grd.78baritone & piano 
    7. My songs are like bees Fug.22-II-7mezzo & piano 
    8. Do not go, my love Grd.34baritone & piano 
    9. He whispered, my love Grd.36mezzo & piano 
   10. If you would have it so Grd.47baritone & piano 
   11a. Then finish the last song Grd.51mezzo & piano 
   11b. Then finish the last song Grd.51baritone & piano 
   12. There are numerous strings in your lute Gift. ?mezzo, baritone & piano 
 2004The Secret Of Your Heart1. Do not keep to yourself Grd.24mezzo & piano 
   2. When the two sisters go to fetch water Grd.18mezzo & piano 
   3. He whispered, my love Grd.36mezzo & piano 
   4. Then finish the last song Grd.51mezzo & piano 
   5. My songs are like bees Fug.22-II-7mezzo & piano 
   6. My heart, the bird of the wilderness Grd.31mezzo & piano 
 2004The Sky With All Its Stars1. When she passed by me Grd.22baritone & piano 
   2. It was in May Grd.78baritone & piano 
   3. Do not go, my love Grd.34baritone & piano 
   4. If you would have it so Grd.47baritone & piano 
   5. Then finish the last song Grd.51baritone & piano 
   6. I would ask for still more Gift.5baritone & piano 
Alexander, E 200.Faith Is the Bird That Feels the Light  Ff.191alto & SSA3'
Alexander, J 197.?Canticle of Night  Frg.voice, orchestra14' in total
 1973Gitanjali 1. Light, my light Gtj.057soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    2. Yes, I know Gtj.059soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    3. Is it beyond thee Gtj.070soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    4. What divine drink Gtj.065soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    5. Deliverance Gtj.073soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    6. Day after day Gtj.076soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    7. Time is endless Gtj.082soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    8. I know that the day will come Gtj.092soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
    9. On the day Gtj.090soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
   10. O thou Gtj.091soprano, harpsichord, percussion 
Alfano 1919Sei Liriche6. Non partire, amore mioGrd.34voice + piano 
 1919(18?)Tre Poemi di Tagore1. Mamma, il giovane Principe Grd.07voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   2. Egli mormorò: “Amor mio, alza i tuoi occhi”Grd.36voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   3. Parlami, amore mio Grd.29voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
 1929Tre Liriche di Tagore1. Perchè, allo spuntar del giorno Grd.21voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   2. Giorno per giorno Grd.20voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   3. Finisci l'ultimo canto Grd.51voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
 1935Nuove Liriche tagoriane1. Perché siedi là? Grd.23voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   2. Non nascondere il segreto del tuo cuore Grd.24voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
   3. Corro come il cervo muschiato Grd.15voice + piano / voice & orchestra 
 1943?Due Liriche di Tagore1. T'amo, diletto mio Grd.33voice + piano 
   2. ..   voice + piano 
 1946Luce, per voce ed orchestra   voice & orchestra (also voice & piano)3'
 1947Sette Liriche1. Si addensano le nubiGtj.018voice + piano 
   2. Venne e mi sedette accantoGtj.026voice + piano 
   3. Scendesti dal tuo trono  voice + piano 
   4. Se taci  voice + piano 
   5. Non so  voice + piano 
   6. Non hai udito i suoi passi  voice + piano 
 1948Cinque nuove Liriche tagoriane1. Sì, lo so Gtj.059voice + piano 
   2. Cogli, prendi questo fiorellino  voice + piano 
   3. Tu sei il Cielo Gtj.067voice + piano 
   4. Colsi il tuo fiore, o mondo! Grd.57voice + piano 
   5. Il mio cuore, uccel Grd.31voice + piano 
 1948?Due Liriche2. Il giorno non è piùGtj.074voice + piano 
Allen 1978?MorningPart 2, 3.1. As the Wind Blows   
Almeida 199.Gitanjali  Gtj.  
Alvarez Ríos 19..songs     
Andriessen, H 1915Twee Wijzangen
(Song Offerings)
1. Mijn zang heeft hare sieraden afgelegd Gtj.007high voice & piano 
   2. Als gij niet spreekt Gtj.014high voice & piano 
 1918?Loomheid is op uw hart…  Gtj.055soprano & piano 
Ashbridge 2003?Rhapsodia Amazonas - Double Concerto for Violoncello and Soprano   soprano, cello & orchestra 
Axelrod 1998The Immanence of Angels   song cycle 
Ayers 1987Fireflies - settings of seven poems by RT  Ff.alt & clarinet (with a few microtonal passages and a few clarinet multiphonies)8'
Bacewicz 193612 Songs (1934-56)Mów do mnie, o miły!
(Speak to Me, My Dear)
 Grd.29soprano & piano (also tenor & orchestra?) 
 Grd.03?soprano & piano (also tenor & orchestra?) 
Bachlund 2006Oui, je le sais bien  Gtj.059high voice & piano 
 2006Trois Chansons de Gide1. Si le jour est passé Gtj.074voice & piano 
   2. A mes côtés, il est venu s'asseoir Gtj.026voice & piano 
   3. Lumière! ma lumière! Gtj.057voice & piano 
Bachmann 1996Glad rhythms1. Processional Gtj.soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   2. Thou art the sky Gtj.067soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   3. Silent steps Gtj.045soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   4. Cottage door Gtj.soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   5. Heaven bound Gtj.soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   6. Glad rhythms Gtj.070soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   7. The day is no more Gtj.074soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
   8. Recessional Gtj.soloists, chorus, children's chorus, Orff ensemble, timpani, bass & organ 
Backes 1924/28Du Toller herrlich Trunkener   voice & piano 
 1924/28/30Wohin eilst du mit deinem Korb?   voice & piano 
Baglioni 2002CD: Sono Io: L'uomo Della Storia Accanto12. Per incanto e per amore   
Bainbridge 1991A Song from Tagore   children's voices (SSAA)2'
Baines 1919Five Songs5. Morning  voice & piano 
Bainton 1914Songs For a Gardener:1. My heart, bird of the wilderness  Grd.31  
   2. Though the evening comes with slow steps Grd.67  
Baki 2007CD: Communiqué # 25. Tagore   
Balestrazzi 19..?- Colsi il tuo fiore Grd.57voice & piano 
   - Solo  voice & piano 
Bandara 1937 ?4 liederen (songs) - ?  alto, strings, wind & gamelan 
   - Trunkenheit (?)  alto, strings, wind & gamelan 
Banerji 1926Song Offerings1.? Mother I shall weave a chain or pearls Gtj.083voice & piano 
   2.? Early in the Day Gtj.042voice & piano 
   3.? Lumière, ma lumière Gtj.057voice & piano 
Baranauskas 2002On the Seashore of Endless Worlds  Gtj.060SATB & piano9'
 2002Talking  orchestra13'
 2004Let  soprano & electronics 
 2007At the Immortal Touch of Thy Hands  Gtj.001soprano & ensemble8'
 2008Three Visions After Tagore   SATB11'
Barison 1973?Akashe for temni ache chuti   mezzo, guitar & flute? 
 1973?Alo amar alo ogo   mezzo, guitar & flute? 
 1973?Aphi amor konkhane   mezzo, guitar & flute? 
Barraine 1931-1. Je me reclamais rien de toi Gtj.054soprano & piano 
   2. Je sui ici pour te chante de chanson Gtj.015soprano & piano 
Barrantes 2000?(from CD Ahimsa)1. GitanjaliGtj.  
Bárta 1994Čitra  Chitrachamber opera60'
Bassett 1973Time and beyond3. Gitanjali Gtj.baritone, clarinet, cello & piano12'
Bauer 1983Alo amar, alo ogo  Gtj.057voice & piano? 
Beaucarne 1999CD: Le navigateur solitaire sur la mer des mots..   
Becherucci 200.Poema Indiano  voice, guitar, ensemble & onde martinot 
 2001Notturno Indiano, cinque episodi lirici1. My song... CM My Songguitar 
   2. Ornaments...    
   3. They would...    
   4. Their jingling...    
   5. My poet's vanity...    
Beers 193.?Die Nacht   voice & piano 
Benin 1998CD: La Lune9. D'où suis-je venu ?   
Benvenuti 1919Canti a una voce5. Non partire amor mio Grd.34voice & piano 
Berg 1926Lyrische Suite  string quartet (also version for string orchestra?) 
Berresford 1918Bird of the wilderness  Grd.31high voice & piano 
Bertrand 1974La Fugitive  Fug.soprano, instruments, narrator, tape 
Beyerman-Walraven 1915?Wijzangen1. Ik moet mijn boot te water laten Gtj.021alto & piano 
   2. Nu mogen alle vreugde-wijzen zich mengen in mijn laatste lied Gtj.058alto & piano 
Bhava 1990Songs of Kabir 1. Oh servantKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'34"
    2. Garden of flowersKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'51"
    3. Why so impatientKb.voice, guitar & other acc.3'14"
    4. As the riverKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'29"
    5. Oh SadhuKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'33"
    6. Touch His feetKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'50"
    7. The jewel (4:50)Kb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'50"
    8. Since the dayKb.voice, guitar & other acc.5'34"
    9. Oh manKb.voice, guitar & other acc.2'05"
   10. SwanKb.voice, guitar & other acc.5'24"
   11. He is thisKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'10"
   12. No sun or moonKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'54"
   13. The real teacherKb.voice, guitar & other acc.3'51"
   14. The omKb.voice, guitar & other acc.4'37"
Biales 1982When the Creation Was New1. This is my delight Gtj.044soprano and orchestra (also piano version)18'
   2. Deity of the ruined temple Gtj.088soprano and orchestra (also piano version)18'
   3. I am like a remnant of a cloud of Autumn Gtj.080soprano and orchestra (also piano version)18'
   4. Light, oh where is the light Gtj.027soprano and orchestra (also piano version)18'
   5. To be glad with the gladness of this rhy Gtj.070soprano and orchestra (also piano version)18'
Bláha-Mikeš 1927Přibývající mĕsíc, op. 14 (3 songs)   voice & piano 
Blauvelt 1991-1992The Song That I Came to Sing  Gtj.013mezzo, clarinet, trombone, double bass, piano13.5'
Blohm 192.De profundis (O Herre, du allrahögste)   soli, choir, orchestra & organ 
 1929Eldbegängselhymn (Herre! O Herre! Rör vid nitt liv)    choir 
Bořivoj 193.?Náhrdelník - 5 písní na slova Rabindranath Thákura - op.10   voice & piano 
Boelter 1996Heaven's River  Gtj.057SATB, oboe, clarinet, 2 percussionists and piano. 9'
Borstlap 2005Tagore Songs   soprano, piano & flute 
Böttcher 1926Drei Tagore Lieder     
Botti 2006Tagore Madrigals1. This longing is for the one who is felt in the dark, but not seen in the day Sb.087SSATTB8' (total)
   2. Her wistful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night Sb.008SSATTB 
   3. Your voice, my friend, wanders in my heart, like the muffled sound of the sea among these listening pines Sb.080SSATTB 
   4. Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees Sb.010SSATTB 
   5. Be still, my heart, these great trees are prayers Sb.095SSATTB 
   6. Put out the lamp when thou wishest. I shall know thy darkness and shall love it Sb.289SSATTB 
Boyd 1919On the day when the lotus bloomed  Gtj.020voice & piano 
Brandmüller 1972Aphorismen   clarinet & piano 
Bridge 1922H1641. Day after dayGtj.076voice & piano (also version for voice & orchestra) 
   2. Speak to me, my love!Grd.29voice & piano (also version for voice & orchestra) 
   3. Dweller in my deathless dreams Grd.30voice & piano (voice & orchestra arr. by Robert Cornford) 
Brockman 1997Tagore Songs1. A lurid glow waxes & wanes on the horizon… What was sorrow has become peaceChildclarinet & prerecorded electronics on CD10' (total)
   2. Swept by the mad cadence of the stormFug.03clarinet & prerecorded electronics on CD 
   3. Reflected from a far off world …and vanished! clarinet & prerecorded electronics on CD 
   4. Where roads are made, I lose my wayFrg.06clarinet & prerecorded electronics on CD 
   3. What was sorrow has now become peace clarinet & prerecorded electronics on CD 
 2003Fireflies Ff.flute solo 
Brody 199.?Three Song-Offerings after Tagore  Gtj.SATB & piano 
Buck 2008Im Treibeis Bengalens - A trilogy     
Bull 193.?Three Songs3. Det var en høi dag, da du gik Grd.55  
Burgan 2000Cycle d’après un poème de Rabindranath TagoreSoupirs Grd.29choir (6 voices)4'
Burghauser 1944Zahradnik (The Gardener)  Grd.baritone, viola and piano12'
Burkhard 1921/22Erste Lieder1. Die Nacht ist dunkel Frg.24voice & piano3'
   2. Vollende denn das letzte Lied Grd.51 2'20
   3. O Feuer, mein Bruder Frg.40 1'30
Buzzi-Peccia 1918In the Flower Garden  Grd.58voice & piano 
 1918When I Go Alone  Grd.09high voice & paino (?) 
 1920Forget the Night  Grd.51voice & piano 
 1920?The song of Ahez the pale   voice & piano 
Callaway 2001Songs From the Gardener1. Speak to me, my love  Grd.29soprano, bass, chorus and piano 
   5. O Magnum Mysterium (?) Grd.soprano, bass, chorus and piano 
   2. Unspoken Things (?) Grd.bass & piano 
   3. Grd.SATB 
   4. Grd.soprano & piano 
Campbell 1950Songs unsung  Gtj.013voice & piano1'35"
Caplet 1924-25Corbeille de fruits1. Écoute, mon coeurFrg.661 voice and flute 
   2. Ce qui me viendra de vos mains consentantes Frg.14(?)2 voice and piano 
   3. Donques la douleur et l'aise de l'amour  Frg.3 voice and flute 
Capriglione 2000Madrigale a quattro voci- Dormivo e sognavo  SATB quartet & organ 
   - Servire è gioia  SATB quartet & organ 
Cardenal Barquero 199.Mi Canción CM My Song  
Carey 199.When I Bring to You Colour’d Toys  SSAA, piano 
Carpenter 1914Gitanjali cycle1. When I bring to you colour'd toys, my childGtj.062high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
   2. On the day when death will knock at thy doorGtj.090high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
   3. The sleep that flits on baby's eyesGtj.061high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
   4. I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumnGtj.080high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
   5. On the seashore of endless worlds children meetGtj.060high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
   6. Light, my light, the world-filling light Gtj.057high voice & piano (also version 1934 for high voice & orchestra) 
 1915The Day is no more Gtj.074medium voice & piano 
Casella 1915L'Adieu à la vie op.26:1. O Toi, Supreme Accomplissement De La VieGtj.091medium voice & piano 
   2. Mort, Ta Servante Est A Ma PorteGtj.086medium voice & piano 
   3. A Cette Heure Du DepartGtj.094medium voice & piano 
   4. Dans Une Salutation SupremeGtj.103medium voice & piano 
Castelnuovo-Tedesco 19162 liriche dal Giardiniere  Grd.voice & orchestra 
Castro, J.J. 1917Seis poemas5. El principio CMvoice & piano 
   6. El astrónomo CM Astronomervoice & piano 
   1. El príncipe Grd.07voice & piano 
   3. Sólo te pido lo que quieras darme Grd.voice & piano 
   2. No te vayas tú, amor mío Grd.34voice & piano 
   4. No cierres tu corazón al amor Grd.voice & piano 
Castro, J.M. 1917-Canción sin sentido  voice + piano 
   El fin CM Endvoice + piano 
   El manantial  voice + piano 
 1919Tres poemas1. La flor de la Champaca CM Champa Flowervoice + piano 
   2. La escuela de las flores CM Flower Schoolvoice + piano 
   3. Canción de “El asceta”  voice + piano 
Castro, W 1968Tres poemas de Tagore   mezzo soprano, tenor & piano 
 1986Si no hablas   tenor & piano 
Cataldo 1947Il nostro amore  soprano, clarinet, guitar3'20"
Chowdury 1993?Rabindranath Tagore     
Ciurlionis  -     
Clemson 1987Straybirds(12 songs) Sb.soprano & ensemble 
 1992/1996Trumpet In The Dust1. Flute I  mezzo & piano 
   2. Music  mezzo & piano 
   3. Trumpet  mezzo & piano 
   4. My Song  mezzo & piano 
   5. Flute II  mezzo & piano 
Coenen 1918Wij-Zang (Gitanjali)Als Gij mij zegt te zingen dan is het of mijn hart zal breken van trots Gtj.002baritone & piano 
 1923Wij-Zangen (Gitanjali)1. Dat is mijn lust, aldus te wachten en te waken aan de kant van den weg Gtj.044voice & piano 
   2. Er was een tijd dat ik mijzelven niet voor U bereid hield Gtj.043voice & piano 
   3. Hebt gij Zijn stille schreden niet gehoord? Gtj.045voice & piano 
   4. Als het niet mijn deel is U te ontmoeten in mijn leven Gtj.079voice & piano 
   6. In éénen groet aan u, mijn God (B) Gtj.103piano & voice 
 1924Drie Wij-Zangen in Sonatevorm1. Allegro Moderato 'Leeven van mijn leeven' Gtj.004piano 
   2. Religioso. Andante Cantabile 'Dat is mijn beede tot U, o Heer!' Gtj.036piano 
   3. Allegro ma non tropo 'De zelfde levensstroom Gtj.069piano 
 1924Wij-Zangen (Gitanjali)5. In éénen groet aan u, mijn God (A) Gtj.103voice & piano 
Cohen 1995Songs of Tagore   flute, clarinet in Bb, bass clarinet, marimba, violin, viola, vello 
 2008An Undaunted Heart: Songs of Elders- The Ocean of Peace Lies Ahead of Me Last PoemsSATB & piano5'20"
Colaço Osorio-Swaab 1937Wijzang 'Op de kust van eindelooze waerelden'  Gtj.060sopr, alt & flute (or SA chorus) 
Constantinidis 1924-1980Songs of Expectation1. The Dream Gtj.026  
   2. Where are you? Gtj.023  
   3. The Day Ends Gtj.074  
   4. In the grey, warm and rainy moonlight Gtj.022  
   5. This is my bliss Gtj.044  
Cooper 1956 ?Songs of the Woodland1. Do Not Go My Love Grd.34medium voice & piano (also ensemble) 
   2. Free Me From The Bonds Grd.48medium voice & piano (also ensemble) 
Cortopassi 1920Pagina lirica, per soprano e tenore   soprano, tenor, piano 
Cras 1920L'Offrande Lyrique:1. Cueille cette frêle fleur, prends la vite!Gtj.006high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
   2. Si tu ne parles pas, certes j'endurerai ton silenceGtj.019high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
   3. Si le jour est passéGtj.024high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
   4. A mes côtés, il est venu s'asseoirGtj.026high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
   5. Oui, je le sais bien, ce n'est là rien que ton amourGtj.059high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
   6. Lumière! ma lumière!Gtj.057high voice & orchestra (also piano) 
Creston 1935Thanatopsis - four songs to death op.7  Gtj.medium voice and piano (also partly as a version for voice, piano and string quartet) 
 1945Three Chorales from Tagore - Op. 111. Thou hast made me endless  Gtj.001SATB 
   2. Here is thy footstool  Gtj.010SATB (also SSA version) 
   3. Where the mind is without fear  Gtj.035SATB 
 1950?The bird in the wilderness - Op. 2 Grd.31voice & piano 
 1967None Lives For Ever, Op. 92   SSA & piano/organ 
 1981Cantilena, Op. 117a   cello & orchestra 
 1981Sadhana - The Realization of Life op.117 Sadhanacello & orchestra 
Csollány 2004On Many An Idle Day  Gtj.081soprano & piano 
D'Mello 1999Tagore Songs1. Gitanjali Gtj.015clarinet & voice (tenor or baritone) 
   2. Fireflies Lek.15,Lek.25clarinet & voice (tenor or baritone) 
   3. The gardener Grd.51clarinet & voice (tenor or baritone) 
Dahl 1919Två sånger op. 5:1. Sång om en blind flicka Grd.58  
Danblon 19..Trois poèmes hindous de Rabindranath Tagore   medium voices10'
Daniélou 193.Dix-huits chansons de Rabindranath Tagore- Jodi Prem / If our heart (also a French version) voice & piano 
Danyew 2011This Song of Mine  CM My SongSA & piano 
Darcy 19..Le lotus d'or  Gtj.020?voices 
Dauner 1987Meditation on a landscape - Tagore1. Meditation on a landscape   
   2. Der Fluss   
   3. Abend am Fluß   
   4. Ich wollte sein eine Landschaft    
   5. Tagore   
   6. Kalkutta Drive   
   7. Kali   
   8. Morgen am Fluß   
   9. Stiller Nachmittag   
Davico 1925Offrande: deux poèmes de l'Offrande lyrique de RT  Gtj.soprano & orchestra (or piano) 
Densmore 1916Love lightly   high voice & piano 
Desai 1998Land of Cards  Tasher Deshensemble (±30 dancers and musicians) 
Désenclos 1951Lumière, ma lumière  Gtj.057voice & piano (?) 
Despić 1984Tri nokturna op.782. The Gardener: "Tonight we must dance the dance of death, my bride and I" Grd.82piano 
 1985Mrtav cvet (Dead Flower) - song cycle - op.82   voice (male) & piano 
 1995Serenada za nonet i harfu op.177  Grd.02nonet & harp 
Dett 1928Cinnamon Grove, S. 12 suite for piano2. Adagio cantabile. After Rabindranath Tagore piano 
Diemer 1973Dance, dance my heart  Kb.SATB, piano & percussion 
Donati 1927Chimere   voice & piano 
Doubravský 197.?Květy radosti - 4 lyrické zpěvy na slova Rabindranatha Tagore   voice & orchestra 
Douty 1917The lotus  Gtj.020voice & piano 
Duchow 1944Where do you hurry  Grd.54voice and piano 
Durey 1914L'offrande lyrique, Op.41. Le Jour n'est plus Gtj.074  
   2. Au petit main Gtj.042  
   3. Les nuages s'entassent Gtj.018  
   4. Tu es le ciel Gtj.067  
   5. Cueille cette frêle fleur Gtj.006  
   6. Lumière ! ma lumière ! Gtj.057  
Dzegelenok 19273 Poems by Rabindranath Tagore op.101. Ne ukhodi, liubimyi, ne skazavshis' mne
(Geh nur nicht fort, Geliebter)
 Grd.34soprano & piano 
   2. Kogda noch'iu idu ia odna na svidan'e
(Wenn ich abends allein auf dem Weg zum Geliebten bin)
  soprano & piano 
   3. Zhasmin tsvetet
(Jasmin erblüht)
 CM First Jasminsoprano & piano 
Einaudi 1993Salgari   3 female voices, narrator and orchestra 
Eisenmann 1934/35Der König der dunklen Kammer
Oper in 13 Bildern, op. 12
 1934/47Sieben Gesänge aus "Gitanjali", op. 41  Gtj.high voice & string quartet (or string orchestra)20'
Eisler 1918Es war im Mai  Grd.78voice & piano 
 1918Ich habe die Ladung gehabt   Gtj.016voice & piano 
 1918Ich pflückte deine Blume  Grd.57voice & piano (also ensemble) 
 1918Laß alle Spannung der Freude   Gtj.058voice & piano 
 1918Wenn der Tag vorbei   Gtj.024voice & piano 
 1922? 2 Lieder (Trakl & Tagore)    voice & piano 
 1922?Eines Morgens im Blumengarten   Grd.58voice & piano 
Ek 1989När dagen gått   tenor and piano 
Elías 1963Aforismo   mixed chorus 
 1963Pájaros perdidos  Sb.mixed chorus 
Escandre 2001Carmina Elegia:19. Release me Sb.325chorus, soloists & ensemble 
Espir 193.??     
Etler 1956Songs on texts by TagoreA Boon female chorus 
   Fancy female chorus 
Falcinelli 1974-753 Chants profanes op. 553. Lumière, ma Lumière!  voice & organ 
Farazis 1996Το Χαμόγελο του Φεγγαριού
The Moon's Smile
1. Το σπίτι
The house
   2. Στην ακρογιαλιά
On the seashore
   3. Το τραγούδι της ανεμώνης
Anemone's singing
   4. Βροχούλα
   5. Περίπατος
   6. Νοσταλγία
   7. Στη χώρα του παραμυθιού
In the land of fairy-tale
   8. Νανούρισμα
   9. Το Χαμόγελο του Φεγγαριού
The moon's smile
Fedelli 1929Il giardiniere  Grd.  
Feliciano 1993?Silence My Soul  Sb.095chorus 
Fénelon 1975Les Chants du Héros, op.19  CM ?baritone, ensemble (5)13'35
Fiala 1978Lyrická symfonie na texty S. Ščipačeva a R. Thákura  narrators & orchestra21'
Ficher 1926Dos poemas de Tagore, op.101. Grd.16chamber orchestra 
   2. Grd.42chamber orchestra 
Fišer 19..?     
Fleischer 19662 Gesänge op.1621. Mein Lied CM My Songsoprano & orchestra 
Focke 1954Übergänge, Folge 1, 5 aphorismen1. Ich habe das Gefäss meines Herzens Sb.mezzo & piano 
   2. Lösche die Lampe Sb.  
   3. Das Blat wird zur Blüte Sb.  
   4. Einst träumten wir Sb.  
   5. Ich fühle deine Schönheit  Sb.  
 1955Übergänge, Folge 11, aus Fruchtlese1. Gebiete, und ich will meine Früchte lesen Frg.medium voice, horn & piano 
   2. Denn die Zeit wird schwer von Fülle Frg.medium voice, horn & piano 
   3. Gebiete und ich will Segel setzen Frg.medium voice, horn & piano 
   4. Der Märzwind is ungestüm Frg.medium voice, horn & piano 
   5. Der Garten hat sein Alles hergegeben Frg.medium voice, horn & piano 
 1955Übergänge, Folge 6Sei bereit, hinaufzuschweifen, mein Herz  voice, cello & piano 
 1955Übergänge, Folge 7, Aphorismen1. Was du bist, siehst du nicht Sb.voice, altflute & piano 
   2. Laß dein Leben schön sein wie Sommerblumen Sb.voice, altflute & piano 
   3. Nicht indem du die Blüte zerrupfst Sb.voice, altflute & piano 
   4. Wenn wir uns der Fülle freuen Sb.voice, altflute & piano 
   5. Mond, worauf wartest du? Sb.voice, altflute & piano 
Foerster 1914Milostné písne op. 96
na slova Rabindranátha Thákura
1. Ó netaj v srdci
(Keep Not In Thy Heart Hidden Yearnings)
Grd.24soprano & orchestra (also with piano) 
   2. Každý den
(Each Day It Comes, Then Goes Again)
Grd.20soprano & orchestra (also with piano) 
   3. Mé srdce
(My Heart, A Free Bird)
Grd.31soprano & orchestra (also with piano) 
   4. Já sveta vzala kvet
(I Plucked The Flower Of The World)
Grd.57soprano & orchestra (also with piano) 
   5. Lásko má
(My Love, My Spirit Longs To Meet With Thee)
Grd.50soprano & orchestra (also with piano) 
 1929Mrtvým bratřím Op. 108
Mortuis fratribus
   cantata for soli, choir, orchester & organ 
Fogg 1921Songs of Love and Life1. One morning in the flower garden Grd.58voice & piano 
   2. It was in May Grd.78voice & piano 
   3. In the dusky path of a dream Grd.62voice & piano 
   4. Peace Grd.61voice & piano 
   5. Free me from the bonds of your sweetness Grd.48voice & piano 
Foley 1996?He Comes Grd.20 ?voice 
Ford, C 1972Cantata   baritone, SATB, chamber orchestra22'
Ford, J 2004?Great River     
Foulds 1915?Sacrifice, op.661. I am going alone in this world Visarjanvoice, 2 violins & tambura (also voice & string quintet) 
   2. Ye dweller in the House Visarjanvoice, 2 violins & tambura (also voice & string quintet) 
Fourestier  Quatre Poèmes de l'Offrance Lyrique  Gtj.voice & orchestra (?) 
Franck 1962/1974My heart  Grd.31voice & piano 
 1990Four Tagore Songs   soprano, choir, piano, 3 flutes 
Freedman, H 1974Salutations: Four Songs for High Voice   high voice & piano 
Freedman, L 1983Tagore Song   soprano & piano 
French 2001My Heart Beats in Waves on the Shore of the World  Sb.029SSAATTBB 
Frensel Wegener-Koopman 1916Love songs1. Day after day Grd.20voice & piano 
   2. Do not go, my love Grd.34voice & piano 
   3. Love, my heart longs day and night Grd.50voice & piano 
Gaburo 1951Cantilena one   soprano solo 
 1956Stray Birds:1. I feel thy beauty, dark night  Sb.120high voice & piano 
   2. The flaming fire  Sb.145high voice & piano 
   3. Stray birds  Sb.001high voice & piano 
   4. Like the meeting of the seagulls  Sb.054high voice & piano 
   5. I think of other ages  Sb.097high voice & piano 
 1956The Night is Still  Grd.63 (?)voice and piano 
Gál 1919(1914?)Phantasien nach Gedichten von RT op.51. Ich laufe, wie ein Bisam läuft  Grd.15alt, SSAA, string, clarinet, horn & harp (version 1922 with piano) 
   2. Ich pflückte deine Blume  Grd.57alt, SSAA, string, clarinet, horn & harp (version 1922 with piano) 
   3. Was flüstert du so matt in meine Ohren  Grd.81alt, SSAA, string, clarinet, horn & harp (version 1922 with piano) 
Galbraith 2006Sacred Songs & Interludes 1. Opening Song mezzo, baritone, SATB, ensemble 
   12. Ending Song mezzo, baritone, SATB, ensemble 
Garbizu 196.?Un Grano De Trigo, Por Un Granito De Oro Gtj.050voice & orchestra4'36"
Geiger-Kullmann 1933Geistlicher Liederzyklus nach Gitanjali1. Hier bin ich, Dir Lieder zu singen  Gtj.015  
   2. till 12. ..     
Gerber 199.In Praise of PoetsUnending Love voice & electronics 
Geuer 1945Zeven liederen uit de Hovenier
(The Gardener)
1. Dag aan dag komt hij en gaat weer heen Grd.20voice & piano 
   2. Nutteloze liederen Grd.84voice & piano 
   3. Het muskushert Grd.15voice & piano 
   4. Als je het wilt zal ik ophouden te zingen Grd.47voice & piano 
   5. Wensch den vertrekkenden gasten wel thuis Grd.45voice & piano 
   6. Waarom doofde de lamp Grd.52voice & piano 
   7. Het gouden hert Grd.69voice & piano 
Ghedini 19193 liriche di Tagore:- 2 others    
   - Perché il giorno è finito  voice & piano 
Gil 2008CD: Banda larga cordel12. Outros Viram   
Gilbert 2005Gitanjali (Song Offerings) -Three Settings from "Writing with Tagore"  Gtj.soprano, string quartet & dancer12'
Gilse, van 1915Drei Gesänge aus Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali1. Der Schlaf, der auf Kindes Auge ruhtGtj.061soprano & ensemble 
   2. Bring ich dir buntes Spielzeug, mein KindGtj.062soprano & ensemble 
   3. Ich weiss, da ist nichts als deine LiebeGtj.059soprano & ensemble 
 1921Drei Gesänge aus Tagore's Der Gärtner2. Wenn ich Nachts zum Stelldichein gehe Grd.09soprano & orchestra 
   1. O Mutter, der junge Prinz muß an unser Tür vorüberkommen Grd.07soprano & orchestra 
   3. Sag mir, ob das alles wahr ist, Liebster Grd.32soprano & orchestra 
Girard 1994Le jeune voyager   mezzo & piano8'
 1994Printemps des Rivières   string quartet (?)8'
Glanville-Hicks 1933Pastoral   SA chorus & ensemble 
Glaser 19413 dikter (Drei Gedichte nach T.)   female chorus6'
 1943Tre strofer av Tagore   chorus4'
Glass 1985SatyagrahaAct II: Tagore opera in three acts 
 1999Symphony No.5 (Choral)11. ParadiseKb.017,Kb.018  
Gnecchi Ruscone 1934Il segretto  Grd.24voice & piano 
 1934Non partire  Grd.34voice & piano 
Godfrey 1976?Passacaglia "On the Seashore of Endless Worlds", Op.31  Gtj.060ensemble 
Gompel 2001Three Songs for Bariton and Cello, Op. 331. Do not keep to yourself Grd.24baritone & cello 
   2. He whispered Grd.36baritone & cello 
   3. Why are those tears in your eyes my child? CM Defamationbaritone & cello 
Goodhart 199.Album with Deepak Chopra & Beginner's Mind     
Gordon 1940?Though the evening comes  Grd.67voice & piano 
Goretzki 2008Im Treibeis Bengalens - A trilogy1. Listen Tagore Höhren  full-length event; texts 
   2. On a String to Tagore  full-length event; music 
   3. Unter Tage / Leuchten  full-length dance event; music 
Gorgni 194. ?-- Finisci l'ultimo canto Grd.51voice & piano (or strings?) 
   - Voglio te, te solo Gtj.038voice & piano (or strings?) 
Gretchaninov 1925Unterm zunehmenden Mond - Vier Gesänge aus der Welt des Kindes Op.951. Beruf CMhigh voice & piano 
   2. Papierschiffchen CM Paper Boatshigh voice & piano 
   3. Mitgefühl CMhigh voice & piano 
   4. Whoer bin ich dir kommen? CMhigh voice & piano 
Grier 1994Day after day, O Lord of my Life Gtj.076chorus and voice 
Griswold 199. ?Songs of Tagore A Wind Has Blown    
Groot, de 2001Hide and seek  Gtj.073mezzo , baritone and piano 
Gruen 192.My own, op.6   high voice & piano 
Gunst 1922Chants sacrificatoires Op.121. Le jour meurt, l'ombre descend sur la terre Gtj.074voice & piano 
   2. Au coeur du crépuscule pluvieux du Juillet Gtj.045?voice & piano 
Gutiérrez 1987Añoranza para basso   bass & piano 
Haan, de 1922Fünf Lieder aus "Der Gärtner"1. Als die Lampe an meinem Bette ausging Grd.08soprano & piano 
   2. O, Mutter, Mutter, der junge Prinz muß an unserer Tür vorüberkommen Grd.07soprano & piano 
   3. Ich lieb dich Geliebter Grd.33soprano & piano 
   4. Tag für Tag kommt er Grd.20soprano & piano 
   5. Sag mir, ob das alles wahr ist Grd.32soprano & piano 
Haas 1923Fata Morgana op.6   tenor & piano quintet27' (total)
Haas Riley 2000Peace, My Heart Grd.61voice & guitar (?) 
 2000Purify Me  voice & guitar (?) 
Hadley 1921Songs op.842. The Time of Parting Gtj.094voice & piano 
   3. If You Would Have It So Grd.47  
Hageman 1917Do not go, my love Grd.34voice & piano 
 1917May Night  Grd.15medium voice & piano 
 1919At the well Grd.18high voice & piano 
 1949The Summons  Gtj.093?medium voice & piano 
Hamer 1994Kabir sings  Kb.017soprano & orchestra 
Hanson, G 1981/85Sinfonia Amoris1. Storge: a canticle of mother love  counter tenor, mezzo, chorus & orchestra 
   2. Eros: a canticle of erotic love  soprano, tenor, ensemble (optional ballet) 
   3. Philia: a canticle of friendship  narrator (baritone), counter tenor, tenor, bass, chorus & orchestra 
   4. Agape: a canticle of compassion  counter tenor, tenor, bass/baritone, chorus & orchestra 
Hanson, R 1935I dreamt that she sat by my head Op.3  Gift.28medium voice & piano 
 1941This is my delight Op.15  Gtj.044soprano & piano 
 195.?Songs1. The crescent moon CMmedium voice & piano 
 1952The immortal touch - oratorio  Gtj.soprano, bass-baritone, choir, orchestra 
 1959/60Seven songs from The Gardener Op.391. I am restless Grd.05tenor & piano 
   2. When she passed by me Grd.22tenor & piano 
   3. If you would be busy Grd.12tenor & piano 
   4. Do not keep to yourself Grd.24tenor & piano 
   5. Your questioning eyes are sad Grd.28tenor & piano 
   6. Love, my heart longs Grd.50tenor & piano 
   7. My love, once upon a time Grd.38tenor & piano 
Hartmann 19..Auf des Funkens Spitzen  Sphul.alto, speaker and flute quartet (piccolo/flute, lute/piccolo,alt flute, bass flute)  
Harvey 1985Song Offerings:1. First SongGtj.047soprano & chamber ensemble 
   2. Second SongGtj.057soprano & chamber ensemble 
   3. Third SongGtj.056soprano & chamber ensemble 
   4. Fourth Song Gtj.091soprano & chamber ensemble 
 1994-1993One evening2. soprano, mezzo, soprano, chamber ensemble of 8 players, 2 technicians & electronics 
Hastings 19..The Light, My Light   Gtj.057  
Hawley 1994Songs of Kabir- O my heart! the Supreme Spirit, the Great Master, is near you: wake, oh wake! Kb.019Soprano, Baritone, SATB & Orchestra30'
Hay 19..Trois Chants de Gitanjali, op.6   Gtj.  
Hazod 2000Wind trägt des Tanzes Taumel:1. Regenzeit  guitar trio 
   2. Frühling  guitar trio 
Hedwall 1972Men hjärtat : Nio sånger om kärleken:2. Mitt hjärta Grd.31 (?)voice & orchestra 
   8. Jag plockade din blomma  Grd.57voice & orchestra 
Heinlein 1929?Cuatro Lieder3. Der erste Jasmin CM First Jasminmedium voice & piano 
Hella Johnson 2006Gitanjali Chants  Gtj.101, Gtj.049SATB 
Hemsley 1965Some Music After a Tagore Poem  Gtj.060flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon 
Hendrian 193.?Bird, do not close your wings  Grd.67voice & piano 
Hernández 195.?Tránsito Crossingsoprano & piano 
Herscher-Clément 1919?3 mélodies sur des poème de Tagore   voice & piano 
Hesselberg 1923/243 poèmes de Tagore   alt, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello & piano8'
Higbee 2004My Song Shall Speak  CM My Songchorus 
Hill 19..Do not keep to yourself, my friend  Grd.24medium voice & instrumental ensemble 
Hinds 2003?Tagore Songs2. Joy (4 in total)  baritone and piano 
 2004The Sound of Forever   SATB overtone choir 
Hinton 1970Five Songs of Tagore op.7  Gtj & Grdhigh soprano and piano14'
 1970/71Wings of Death op.9  Last Poemssoprano & orchestra35'
 1977-1967String Quintet op.135. ..Poem "The Eternal Dream ..."string quintet & Soprano 
Hiscocks 1995-1997Sacred texts3. Let thy love play upon my Voice Gift.SATB11'
 1996-1997I look out and see4. Lover's gift Gift.bass & piano 
 1998A Tagore album1. Light, my light Gtj.057female choir 
   2. Did you leave behind you your love?  female choir 
   3. My heart the bird Grd.31female choir 
   4. In desperate hope Gtj.087female choir 
   5. Let all the strains of joy Gtj.058female choir 
   6. It is the pain of separation  Gtj.084female choir 
 1999-2000Mother and Child1. The Champa Flower CM Champa Flowersoprano, clarinet & piano (or orchestra) 
   2. Benediction CM Benedictionsoprano, clarinet & piano (or orchestra) 
   3. My Song CM My Songsoprano, clarinet & piano (or orchestra) 
   4. The End CM Endsoprano, clarinet & piano (or orchestra) 
 1999-2000Pages and Poetry1. The Flower School; Clouds & Waves; CM Flower School; CM Cloudssuite for clarinet & string trio 
   3. Passing Visions  suite for clarinet & string trio 
Hohensee 1973Drei Lieder nach Worten von Rabindranath Tagore1. Was hast du gesehen  baritone & piano 
   2. Vergib mein Lieb mir die Ungeduld heut  baritone & piano 
   3. Seht, hier kommt er Gtj.045?baritone & piano 
Homs Oller 1923Ocells Perduts - 10 poemes de RT 6. Sóc com el camíSb.voice & piano 
 1925Nou apunts op. 48. Traspàs piano6'
 1931Ocells Perduts - 10 poemes de RT 2. La pena del meu corSb.voice & piano 
 1931Ocells Perduts - 7 sentiments de RT 2. La pena del meu corSb.voice & piano 
 1934Ocells Perduts - 10 poemes de RT 7. Qué sigui la vida bellaSb.voice & piano 
    9. Qué és aixó que m'oprimeixSb.voice & piano (version 1934: alt & B clarinet/fagot)2'
    1. Ocells perduts d'estiuSb.voice & piano 
    3. Vénen els arbres a ma finestraSb.voice & piano 
    4. La teva veu, amicSb.voice & piano 
    5. El vent no té repòsSb.voice & piano 
    8. Com un marSb.voice & piano 
   10. Deixeu-me creureSb.voice & piano 
 1940Ocells Perduts - 7 sentiments de RT 1. Ocells perduts d'estiuSb.voice & piano 
 1940Ocells Perduts
sobre sentiments de Rabindranath Tagore
Monòleg I & II soprano and piano17'
 1976Ocells Perduts - 7 sentiments de RT1. Ocells perduts d'estiuSb.soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello 
   2. La pena del meu corSb.soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello 
   3. Vénen els arbres a ma finestraSb.soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello 
   4. La teva veu, amicSb.soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello 
   5. El vent no té repòsSb.soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin & cello 
 1978Ocells Perduts - 8 sentiments de RT1. Ocells perduts d'estiuSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   2. La pena del meu corSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   3. Vénen els arbres a ma finestraSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   4. La teva veu, amicSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   5. El vent no té repòsSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   6. Sóc com el camíSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   7. Qué sigui la vida bellaSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
   8. Com un marSb.soprano, clarinet & piano 
 1992Ocells Perduts - 11 peces sobre sentiments de RT Sb.clarinet11'
 1994La nena  soprano/alt & clarinet1'20"
 1996El Jardiner  Grd.soprano & guitar 
 1996El silenci de Déu  Sb.305soprano solo 
Hopkins 1985Sohal from “Gitanjali”   Gtj.for bass-baritone and orchestra  
 1992Songs of Eternity1. My SongCM My SongSATB chorus & orchestra 
   2. When Death ComesFf.254SATB chorus & orchestra 
   3. Peace, My HeartGrd.61SATB chorus & orchestra 
Hoppé 1994CD: The Dreamer Romances11. The Dreamer (for Rabindranath Tagore) keyboard & alto flute 
Horsman 1915The Bird of the Wilderness Grd.31voice + piano 
 1915?You are the evening cloud  Grd.30voice + piano 
Horst 1961Gitanjali-suite  Gtj.flute, bassoon, harp, piano, percussion & viola 
Hughes 1922ATriad of Songs2. Ranjana  voice & piano 
Hugill 1998The Young Man and Death - A Dialogue(7 pieces)  SATB and wind octet (2 clarinets, 2 oboes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons)25'
 2006Crossing  Crossing  
Hukvari 1963Aphorismen nach Worten von RT1. Prolog   voice, narrator, flute, cello, cembalo, percussion 
   2. Geburt   voice, narrator, flute, cello, cembalo, percussion 
   3. Liebe   voice, narrator, flute, cello, cembalo, percussion 
   4. Kampf   voice, narrator, flute, cello, cembalo, percussion 
   5. Tod   voice, narrator, flute, cello, cembalo, percussion 
Hurum 1922Sange op. 191. Aften (Evening)   
Hussain 1998Who dressed you like a foreigner?   a suite of six variations on an abstract theme 
Hyson 200.Three Love Songs from the Bengali   mezzo, flute & cello 
Idelsohn 1932Far Vos? (=Why?)  Grd.52voice and Klezmer ensemble 
Ippolitov-Ivanov 1933 ?Cetyre romanse op. 63 [Three Romances]1?. Our hands meetGrd.16?voice, violine, cello, piano8' in total
   2?. Do not leave me without a word of farewellGrd.34voice, violine, cello, piano 
   3?. voice, violine, cello, piano 
 1935Four Poems op. 681. I ruki l'nut k rukam
(Arms are Drawn to Arms)
Grd.16high voice, flute (or violine), piano 
   2. Zhelten'kaja ptichka
(Little Yellow Bird)
Grd.17high voice, flute (or violine), piano 
   3. Ne ukhodi, ne prostivshis' so mnoi
(Don't Leave Without Saying Farewell)
Grd.34high voice, flute (or violine), piano 
   4. O moj drug, vot cvetok
(O My Friend, Here is a Flower)
Grd.20high voice, flute (or violine), piano 
Jackson 2008Requiem  Grd.  
Jahn 1924Tätt vid mitt hjärta (Next to my heart) op.57 no.2   voice & piano 
James 1921?Four Songs2. When Thou Commandest Me to Sing Gtj.002  
Janáček 1922Potulný šílence (Wandering Madman) JW 4/43 Grd.66soprano, tenor, baritone, & male chorus 
Jermaks 1970Mana dziesma (My Song)  CM My Songvoice, cello & piano 
Johnson 1924/25Imagery1. Procession  orchestra 
   2. Aspara  orchestra 
   3. Urbasi  orchestra 
Kadajas 199.from CD Vihmade taga (Behind the rain)2. Ära Tule! (Don't Come)   
Kahn 1925?A-capella-Gesänge op.712?.Aus Sangesopfer Gtj  
Kallstenius 1944Sångoffer, Op. 321. IGtj.002baritone & orchestra 
   2. IIGtj.010baritone & orchestra 
   3. IIIGtj.024,Gtj.019baritone & orchestra 
   4. IVGtj.013,Gtj.092,Gtj.103baritone & orchestra 
Karkoff 1962Kärlekens vandring (When the day waned): Fem indiska sånger op.64:1. När dagen gått [When the day waned] Grd.57tenor & piano15' in total
   2. Kom som du är [Come as you are] Grd.11  
   3. Du är aftonmolnet [You are the evening cloud] Grd.30  
   4. Tyst mitt hjärta [Peace, my heart] Grd.61  
   5. När hon skyndade förbi [When she passed] Grd.22  
Kasemets 2001E and T S T and B
Einstein and Tagore seeking Truth and Beauty
   2 voices and 4 players 
Kelterborn 19..Fragments from Gitanjali   Gtj.  
Kenswil 192.?Wij-zangGij daaldet af van Uwen troon en stond voor de deur van mijn hut Gtj.049voice & piano 
 192.?Wij-zangen 1-21. Mijn Meester! Ik weet niet hoe Gij zingt. Gtj.003high voice & piano 
 192.?Wijzang 2Ja, ik weet het, dit is enkel Uw liefde Gtj.059voice & piano 
Keyrouz 2003?CD: Hymnes à l'espérance3. Ya sayyida Hayati (Oh Lord of My Life)Gtj.076  
Khacheh 1998 ?Scintilla   soprano, mezzo, narrator2'40"
Kilpinen 1998 ?Lieder nach Gedichten von RT op.581. Eines Morgens     
   2. Liebe     
Kirjuhel 196...   theater 
Klerk, de 1994Als gij mij zegt te zingen ...  Gtj.002bas & piano/organ 
Kleucker 1989/2005Let My World Awake  Gtj.035SAB, piano 
 200.?Seasons Come Dancing  Gtj.070SATB (?) 
 2006The Stream of Life  Gtj.069SATB, piano 
Klion 1983 ?Song for Hayat   voice, harp, cello 
Knipper 1924Three Settings for voice and piano - op. 5   voice & piano 
Koerner 1917Spoken Songs1. At this time of my parting  Gtj.094  
   2. Do not go, my love  Grd.34  
   3. O mother, the young prince is to pass by  Grd.07  
   4. It was in May  Grd.78  
   5. Tell me if this be all true, my lover  Grd.32  
 1917?L'Adieu a la vie, a cycle of 4 Hindu lyrics from the Gitanjali     
Kool 192.?Der Held1. O Mutter, der junge Prinz muß an unsrer Tur vorüber kommen Grd.07voice & piano 
Korde 1991,1998Rasa  soprano, choir, actors/dancers, chamber ensemble & electronic tape 
 1993When the Creation...    Balinese singer, Gender, and chamber ensemble  
 2000Chitra Chitrasoprano, Balinese dancer/actor, Indian danser, chamber orchestra 
Korte 1968May the sun bless us 1. I am restless Grd.05male choir, brass & percussion 
   2. Hissing serpents  male choir, brass & percussion 
   3. When this is done  male choir, brass & percussion 
   4. May the sun bless us  male choir, brass & percussion 
Kósa 1964Hárpm dal RT verseire (Songs to poems by RT)   ATB & solo 
Kreuzhage 1931Op. 17 Ein Lebenslied. Fünf Gedichte v. Morgenstern u. Tagore   voice & piano 
Krieg 1928Deine fragende Augen, op. 5 nr.1  Grd.28voice & piano 
 1932O, du lezte Erfüllung, op. 4 nr.2     
Kroll 2004On the Seashore  Gtj.060SSAATTBB 
Kühnl 1988/89La petite Mort8. La petite mortGrd.12Musiktheater52'
Kupka 196.?Tři canzony     
Kuprevičius 1998Amžinojo keliautojo dainos, GK. 66
The Songs of the Perennial Wanderer
(15 parts) Sb.tenor, sitar, tabla & orchestra36'
Kutavicius 1978Du pauksciai giriu uksméj
(Two Birds in the Thick of Woods)
  cantata: soprano, oboe, prepared piano and tape15'
La Trobe 1991?Sound Cassette: Ocean/Occen1. Woman  voice & guitar 
Labarsouque  2001Cycle d’après un poème de Rabindranath TagoreCœur-à-cœur au profond du bleu    
Laburda 1966,1999Poutník Pilgrim - The Pilger - 3 Male choruses on Texts by RT   TTBB13'
Laccetti 1922Cinque liriche indiane1. Il viandante Grd.voice & piano 
   2. Veglia Grd.voice & piano 
   3. In altra vita Grd.voice & piano 
   4. Commiato Grd.voice & piano 
   5. Il cervo muschiato Grd.voice & piano 
Lahiri 2005?(4 songs)     
Lamote de Grignon y Ribas 1935Tríptic1. Quan la llàntia s'apagà [When the wheel turns]  voice & piano 
   2. Era el capvespre [..Dawn..] Grd.?voice & piano 
   3. Es una nit d'abril [It is an April night] Grd.08voice & piano 
Landeghem, Van 1986Four poems for choir  SATB15'
 1986Wijzang-cantate (=Song Offerings cantata)   medium voice, C trumpet, organ 
Landowski 1938Trois Mélodies1. Stances  soprano & orchestra 
   2. Poème triste    
   3. La Sauterelle chinoise    
 1946Trois Révérences á la mort1. J'ai mon congé  soprano & piano 
   2. J'ai veillé pour t'attendre    
   3. Salutation suprême    
Lang 1932Liebesmuziek op.221. Erster Gesang Grd.soprano & orchestra (also version with piano) 
   2. Orchesterstück Grd.soprano & orchestra (also version with piano) 
   3. Zweiter Gesang Grd.soprano & orchestra (also version with piano) 
Langer 199.?It Dances  New Rainvoice & piano 
Langgaard 1918Gitanjali-Hymner 1. Din Musiks Glands [The light of thy music]Gtj.piano 
    2. Himlen sukker [The sky groans]Gtj.piano 
    3. Den fjerne Sang [The far-away song]Gtj.piano 
    4. Sejlfærd [Sailing]Gtj.piano 
    5. Sommerhvisken [Summer whisper]Gtj.piano 
    6. Himmel-Ensomhed [Sky Solitude]Gtj.piano 
    7. Den hvileløse Vind [The Restless Wind]Gtj.piano 
    8. Tavshedens Hav [The sea off silence]Gtj.piano 
    9. Regnfulde Blade [Rainy leaves]Gtj.piano 
   10. Gyldne Strømme [Golden streams]Gtj.piano 
 1921-23Antichrist  opera 
Lee 1998No word no whisper no cry(3 pieces ?) Grd.ensemble and speaker (ad. lib.)15'
Leef 1977/1998Fireflies, two songs  Ff.soprano, baroque flute and harpsichord7'
LeFanu 1984Stranded On My Heart  CMtenor, SATB & strings22'
 1989The Silver Strand   SATB10'
Leisner 1989Five Songs of Devotion5. Silent steps Gtj.045medium voice & guitar 
 1991Heaven's River1. The Boat  soprano & guitar 
   2. Light  soprano & guitar 
   3. To the Stream  soprano & guitar 
 1993Clouds and Waves   young people's chorus and orchestra (aged 7-14)6'
 1993The Survivor   medium voice4'
Lesemann 1996Two Motets1. ..  SATB 
Liebermann 1987Final Songs Op.211. When death comes and whispers to me Ff.254baritone + piano 
Llacer Pla 19..Simbolismo Tagore    9'55"
Lloyd 1966(from Album) Charles Lloyd quartet (live in Oslo)1. Tagore   
Locklair 1982Tapestries  SSAATTBB, piano & handbells 
Lofstrom 2001 ?Songs of Tagore   soprano & piano 
López-Gavilán 199.?Mi Canción CM My Song  
Lopez-Graça 1930Poemas em prosa1. Pronunciarei o teu nome soprano & piano 
   2. Escura a noite e tu dormes soprano & piano 
   3. Quando levantas a tua lâmpada soprano & piano 
Los hermanos natuales 200...     
Ludewig 1962Im Wachen und in Traum   soprano & ensemble10'
Machuel 2001Cycle d’après un poème de Rabindranath TagoreNocturne - Dark like me, Au-dessus de l'epine, Jiv, Parle-moi, mon amour ! Dis moi les mots que tu chantaisGrd.2 sopranos, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, SMATBarB4'
Maddison 1919If you would have it so  Grd.47high voice & piano 
Malipiero 19..Mélodies??     
Mallick 192.?Shesh khea     
Mallinson 1932?From the unknown Island of a Heart  Grd.22  
 1932?In the dusky Path of a Dream  Grd.62  
 1932?My Heart, the Bird of the Wilderness  Grd.31high voice & piano 
Malmlöf-Forssling 1964Fruktplockning XXIV   chorus 
Mamlok 1963Stray Birds1. In a Sustained MoodSb.soprano, flute (piccolo&alto), cello3'31"
   2. MajesticSb.soprano, flute (piccolo&alto), cello2'37"
   3. Very AirySb.soprano, flute (piccolo&alto), cello0'53"
   4. In a Melancholy MoodSb.soprano, flute (piccolo&alto), cello2'28"
   5. Still, With Utmost SimplicitySb.soprano, flute (piccolo&alto), cello5'01"
Manneke 2004?(song cycle)   alto, bass clarinet, cello & piano 
Maros 1979Fyra sånger ur Gitanjali1. IGtj.015high voice & instrumental ensemble 
   2. IIGtj.023high voice & instrumental ensemble 
   3. IIIGtj.036high voice & instrumental ensemble 
   4. IVGtj.074high voice & instrumental ensemble 
Marsh 1918?Two Songs   soprano & piano ? 
Martinsson 1988Indiska sånger op.231. En morgon  voice & piano 
   2. Gå ej, min älskade  voice & piano 
   3. Jag känner din konst  voice & piano 
   4. Befria mig  voice & piano 
   5. Mitt hjärta  voice & piano 
 1992Garden of Chimes1. Du är min egen, min egen, Gäst i mina ändlösa drömmar Grd.30soprano & ensemble 
   2. ...ensamma drömmar Grd.soprano & ensemble 
   3. ...eviga drömmar Grd.soprano & ensemble 
   4. Mitt hjärta, vildmarkens fågel, har funnit sin rymd i dina ögon Grd.soprano & ensemble 
   5. Jag fruktar att förlora dig, medan jag sover. Gå ej, min älskade, utan att be mig om lov! Grd.soprano & ensemble 
Matuszczak 1963Gitanjali  Gtj.reciting male voice, soprano, flute and bells 
Maux 19..5 Melodramen nach Tagore op. 280   voice & ? 
Mawby 1998A Song of Thanksgiving   satb, tpt, org 
Mazumdar 1999Woman Baring   sitar(?) 
McCartney 1984CD: Pipes of Peace1. Pipes of Peace McCartney and Wings 
McDermott 1977Slayer of time, ancient of days : cantata no. 4   chamber choir, guitar, English horn, cello, percussion 
Melartin 1918Fyra Tagore-sånger op. 1051. Wolken  voice & piano 
   2. Sagan om vårt hjärta
(Das Märchen von unserer Herzen)
  voice & piano 
Melkikh 1927Lyrische Suite für eine Frauenstimme mit Orchester   soprano (?) & orchestra 
Mengelberg 1925Liederen voor sopraan en orkest (R. Tagore)1. Dag aan dag komt hij, en gaat Grd.20soprano & ensembleca 3'
   2. Lief, lief, ga niet heen zonder afscheid Grd.34soprano & ensembleca 3'
   3. Lief, mijn hart verlangt Grd.50soprano & ensembleca 3'
Menichetti 1992Trittico tagoriano1. Mi hai fatto senza fine Gtj.001medium voice & piano 
   2. Quando mi comandi di cantare Gtj.002medium voice & piano 
   3. Non so come tu canti Gtj.003medium voice & piano 
Mercure 195.Amal  Nastanirradio drama 
Messina 1922Tre poemi di Rabindranath Tagore1. Non nascondere il segreto del tuo cuore Grd.24voice & piano 
   2. Perche' allo spuntar del giorno Grd.21voice & piano 
   3. Quando le due sorelle vanno ad attinger acqua Grd.18voice & piano 
Metcalf 1921Four poems1. If thou speakest not Gtj.019high voice & piano 
   2. Day after day Gtj.076high voice & piano 
   3. This autumn morning  high voice & piano 
   4. Speak to me, my love Grd.29high voice & piano 
Meulemans 1923De hoovenier [Gardener]cycle Grd.soprano & piano (1929 version orchestra)20'
Milew 2004Song offerings  Gtj.  
Milhaud 1915Deux poèmes d'amour Op.301. Love, my heart longs day and night
(Amour, mon coeur languit)
Grd.50soprano & piano 
   2. Peace, my heart! / Paix, mon coeurGrd.61soprano & piano 
 1916Child-Poems Op.361. When and why  CM When and Whysoprano & piano 
   2. Defamation  CM Defamationsoprano & piano 
   3. Paper boats CM Paper Boatssoprano & piano 
   4. Sympathy  CMsoprano & piano 
   5. The gift  CMsoprano & piano 
 1919Poème de Gitanjali Op.22  Gtj.voice & piano 
 1936Amal ou la lettre du Roi, Op.156  Dak Gharpiano, violin & clarinet 
Mills 199.?Vande Mataram  folk song
"God bless the motherland"
 2007Songlines of the Heart's Desire     
Miškinis 199.The Child Child 2'30"
 1999Light  voices 
 2005When I…(5 parts)  SATB 
Mohan 200.Ami Chinigo     
Mohiuzzaman Chowdurry 199.     
Moór 19..Gitanjali (no opus)  Gtj.voice & piano (?) 
Morales Caso 1994Si se deshoja a dónde irá (If its leaves fall, where will it go?)   high voice & piano 
Moran 1999GitanjaliI Gtj.1. SATB, brass 
   II Gtj.2. SATB 
   III Gtj.3. SATB, brass and timpani 
   IV Gtj.4. SA, string quartet 
   V Gtj.5. SATB, brass 
 2000Passage Through-2000   chorus & string quartet 
 2000/01GitanjaliVI Gtj.6. SATB, keyboard (or brass) 
   VII Gtj.7. SA, brass 
   VIII  Gtj.8. soprano and 6 keyboards 
 2000?A Final Moment   16 solo voices & instruments 
 2005?out of Gitanjali3 songs Gtj.chorus 
Morris 1918Poem  Gtj.orchestra 
Mortari 1924Tre liriche  Grd.voice & piano 
Móry 19..Dort bei der Furt (tam pri vode)  Gtj.074voice & piano 
 19..Tagore-Album op. 12 1. Vollende denn das letzte Lied Grd.51voice & piano 
    2. Sprich zu mir Geliebter Grd.29voice & piano 
    3. Sag es mir Grd.32 (?)voice & piano 
    4. Ich bin friedlos Grd.05voice & piano 
    5. O Frau du bist nicht allein Gottes Geschöpf Grd.59voice & piano 
    6. Mein Herz Grd.31voice & piano 
    7. Er kam und saß mir zur Seite Gtj.026voice & piano 
    8. Ich erwachte  voice & piano 
    9. Du bist mein Eigen Grd.30voice & piano 
   10. Dies ist meine Wonne  Gtj.044voice & piano 
   11. Gottheit des zertrümmerten Tempels  Gtj.088voice & piano 
   12. Friede mein Herz!  Grd.61voice & piano 
   13. Dies ist an Dich mein Gebet, Herr!  Gtj.036voice & piano 
   14. Der Schlaf, der auf Kinderaugen ruht  Gtj.061voice & piano 
Müller-Hornbach 1999/2000Am Rande der Zeit   baritone, choir & ensemble50'
Niikura 19863 vocalizes for "Gitanjali"  Gtj.soprano, harp, recorderflex
Nitsch 2002The Beginning   soprano, female choir, strings 
Norris 2005CD: Unending love 2. Unending LoveSelected Poemsnarrator & ensemble 
   17. Unending Love RepriseSelected Poemsnarrator & ensemble 
Norris, R 2008And Then We Die?   soli, SATB, orchestra40'
Nystedt 1993The Conch, op.135  male quartet (with counter tenor)7'
Nystroem 1950Lyssna hjärta   soprano, alto, flute, "batt", piano 
Ogerman 1975Tagore-Lieder1. Es war gerade am den TagGtj.043mezzo soprano & piano  
   2. Der Tag ist schon dahinGtj.074mezzo soprano & piano  
   3. Zeit ist endlos, HerrGtj.082mezzo soprano & piano  
   4. Das ist nun soGtj.056mezzo soprano & piano  
   5. WolkenGtj.018mezzo soprano & piano  
   6. Er kommtGtj.045mezzo soprano & piano  
   7. Letztes LiedGtj.058mezzo soprano & piano  
Ollone 1935Deux Poésies1. Jeune homme, dis-nous pourquoi tes yeux sont pleins de folie ? CMmedium voice & piano 
   2. Ce que tu m'offres volontiers, je le prends Grd.medium voice & piano 
Onegin 1920Vier Gesänge aus den indischen Dichtungen von Rabindranath Tagore   alt, choir & orchestra 
Oost 1993Drie Liederen uit de Wijzangen
(3 Song Offerings)
1. I am here to sing Gtj.015soprano, flute & piano 
   2. Now I ask you Gtj.016soprano, flute & piano 
   3. Shall I stand before thee? Gtj.076soprano, flute & piano 
Ordansky 1980Settings of Rabindranath Tagore1. #44 from Gitanjali Gtj.044SATB6' in total
   2. #96 Gtj.096SATB6' in total
   3. #1 from A sheaf of songs A sheaf of songsSATB6' in total
   4. #38 from Gitanjali Gtj.038SATB6' in total
Orefice 191.?Sette canti da Il Giardiniere1. L'uccello giallo canta Grd.17voice & piano 
   2. Se vuoi riempire la tua conca Grd.12?voice & piano 
   3. Sei la nube della sera Grd.30voice & piano 
   4. Mamma! il giovine principe Grd.07voice & piano 
   5. Parlami, amor mio Grd.29voice & piano 
   6. Sebbene la sera giunga a lenti passi Grd.67?voice & piano 
   7. O morte, morte mia Grd.81voice & piano 
Orgad 1947Leave out my name/Hashmiti Sh'mi(song cycle)  mezzo & flute12'
Ornstein 2001Voyager   vocal quartet & ensemble  
Ourgandjian 1990Gitanjali  Gtj.ensemble 
Ovanin 1968Accept me  Crossingtenor & piano 
Parris 1958Three Songs  Grd.baritone, piano & celesta 
Pattenhausen 19733 Lieder nach Rabindranath Tagore1. Die Wolke  voice & piano 
   2. Die Lieder  voice & piano 
   3. Die Läute voice & piano 
 1974Gesänge zu Worten Tagores1. Der Schweigende voice & piano 
   2. Der MittagGrd.?voice & piano 
   3. Ich weiß gewißGtj.98?voice & piano 
Patton 2002The Points We Encompass: Four Songs for Global Unity   choir, piano, percussion, and soprano saxophone 
Pazour 199.Odpusť mi mou lásku (Forgive Me My Love )  Grd.33chamber cantata, soprano, bariton & orchestra 
Penherski 1963Trzy impresje (Three recitatives)1. Dotknięcie bezimiennych dni [The touch of the nameless days]  soprano, piano and percussion 
   2. Muzyka odległego już lata [The music of the far-away summer]  soprano, piano and percussion 
   3. Zbżąkane ptaki [Stray birds]  soprano, piano and percussion 
Pennington 199.As One Unknown (??)     
Peričič 1976?Gradinar1. I (24) Grd.24voice & piano 
   2. II (30) Grd.30voice & piano 
   3. III (27) Grd.27voice & piano 
   4. IV (50) Grd.50voice & piano 
   5. V (57) Grd.57voice & piano 
 1976?Tri pesme Rabindranatha Tagore1. I (31) ; II (34) ; III (51) Grd.31voice & piano 
   2. II (34) Grd.34voice & piano 
   3. III (51) Grd.51voice & piano 
Perleberg 1920Zwölf Gesänge nach Dichtungen von RT, op.23   voice and piano 
Pessina 1993Drei Lieder op.43. Gott achtet    
Pfiffner 1996/97Pfingstbuch   6 voices, narrator & chamber orchestra35'
Pherigo 2000Unending Love   SATB 
Philiba 1964Musique   voice, Ondes Martenot, flute & piano  
Pieters 200.?Gitanjali1. When thou commandest me to singGtj.002  
   2. The day is no moreGtj.074  
   3. In one salutation to theeGtj.103  
Pilati 1919Non so come tu canti...   voice & piano 
Plack 2002CD: A Gift of Love II: Oceans of Ecstasy 1. Oceans of ecstasy   
    2. The storm   
    3. Nothing lasts foreverGrd.68  
    4. Former lover   
    5. My gift to you   
    6. Flight to freedom   
    7. Time is short   
    8. This is true   
    9. When I kiss   
   10. Essence of love   
   11. Lady of silence   
   12. In love with you   
   13. Sea of love   
   14. My song   
   15. Soul mate   
   16. I will come to you   
   17. Be   
   18. Oceans of ecstasy   
   19. I am your poem   
   20. Transcendence   
   21. Free meGrd.41  
   22. Woman of sorrow   
   23. Nothing lasts forever   
Plavec 193.?Dvě melodramata na básně Rabindranatha Thákura1. Světlo  voice & piano ? 
   2. Dne již není  voice & piano ? 
Plaza 1953Cuando el camino me fatiga  Har.59mezzo & piano 
 1953Negra está la noche   alto & piano 
Podprocký 1980Dve Kavatiny (Two Cavatines) op.22   bass, flute, clarinet, viola & cello 
Poleggi 1928Liriche a quattro vocie soliste   SATB quartet 
Ponce 1927Dos poemas de Tagore:1. Arranqué tu florGrd.57soprano & piano (also chamber orch., 1926?) 
   2. Al Alba Grd.58soprano & piano (also chamber orch., 1926?) 
 1933Tres cantos de Tagore  low voice & orchestra 
Ponzone 1929Canto indiano   voice & piano 
Posner 1920I plucked your Flower, O World! Op. 2. No. 1  Grd.57  
Post 1989The Sea of Light-Thou Art the Sky (a.o.) Gtj.067alto & piano 
Pouwels 1931Declamatorium Wij-zangen1. Het zoeken Gtj.027narrator,female & male chorus, orchestra 
   2. Het verlangen Gtj.038narrator,female & male chorus, orchestra 
   3. De opklaring Gtj.087narrator,female & male chorus, orchestra 
   4. De komst Gtj.050narrator,female & male chorus, orchestra 
   5. Het licht Gtj.002, Gtj.003, Gtj.103narrator,female & male chorus, orchestra 
Powers 1989A Prayer For Freedom   SATB, violin & organ 
 1991Symphony no.1 "A flight of Swans"  Balaktenor & orchestra30'
 2001Thou Hast Made Me Endless  Gtj.001SATB 
Poynter 1965Song Cycle 1: Love   soprano & ensemble26'
 1967Song Cycle 2   contralto & piano23'
Prada 1979CD: Canciones de amor y celda4. Te pierdo amada mía vocals, guitar and ensemble 
 2005?CD: Escrito Está / It's destiny- Permite, Padre vocals, guitar and ensemble 
Pratella 1920?Chitra  Chitra  
Pulgar Vidal 19..Canciones: "El jardinero", dos canciones  Grd.  
Pushpa 2003CD: Kabir - Music of Harmony1. Aparichithanallo Jagadeeswaran Kb.  
   2. Neelavanam kanakkunnu Kb.  
   3. Evide thirayunnu Njaan Kb.  
   4. Etho chathuppil Kb.  
   5. Pokaruthe nee Kb.  
   6. Punyatheerthangalil ellam Kb.  
   7. Virahiniyaya Kb.  
   8. Pallakkethi Kb.  
   9. .. Kb.  
Rahman 2000Jana, Gana, Mana     
 2005?from film "Bose: The Forgotten Hero"Ekla chalo    
Rahman, Z 2008CD: Where Rivers Meet 2. Invitation Missed [Tumi Amay Dekechhile Chutir Nimontrone]   
    9. Stream Of Joy [Anondo Dhara]   
   12. Do You Wish To Forget? [Purano Shei]   
Ranieri 19877 Lieder   soprano & piano 
Ratcliff 2006?Joys: Gitanjali Dances  Gtj.flute & piano 
Rateau 1967Voyageur, où t’en vas-tu ?   soprano, ténor, baritone & orchestra 
Ravi 2001CD: The Afro-Indian Project:- Shanitiniketan   
Read 1947-1949Songs to children op.762. The first jasminesCM First Jasminmezzo & ensemble 
 1948Nocturnal Visions op.1452. The first jasminesCM First Jasminbaritone & piano 
Reibel 1965Durboth   soprano & ensemble 
Reiter 1956?Zwei Lieder nach Texten von R. Tagore1. Hände schlingen sich um Hände  soprano & 3 instruments 
   2. Behalt es nicht für dich  soprano & 3 instruments 
Respighi 1917Cinque liriche5. La fine (È tempo per me d'andare)CM Endsoprano & piano 
Richards 1929-(1.) Amidst the rust and roar of life / I livets ävlan, storm och strid Grd.60voice & piano  
   (2.) I plucked your flower, o world / Jag bröt din blomst, o värld Grd.57voice & piano  
   (3.) Peace my heart / Frid min själ Grd.61voice & piano  
Riedlbauch 1975Touženec písní1. Ritornel  high voice & piano 
   2. Písen I  high voice & piano 
   3. Ritornel  high voice & piano 
   4. Písen II  high voice & piano 
   5. Písen III  high voice & piano 
   6. Písen IV  high voice & piano 
   7. Ritornel  high voice & piano 
Rindfleisch 2008Careless Carols   SATB7'
Robertson 2005?(orchestrated song)     
Rodriguez 198.?..   drama production 
Roemer 1972Far Vos? (?פאר װאס= Why?) Grd.52voice and Klezmer ensemble 
Rogers 2008Songs of Time and Tide1. Light, my light Gtj.057soprano & piano19' (total)
   2. The sleep that flits on baby's eyes Gtj.061soprano & piano 
   3. When I bring to you coloured toys Gtj.062soprano & piano 
   4. Is it beyond thee to be glad Gtj.070soprano & piano 
   5. On the seashore of endless worlds Gtj.060soprano & piano 
Román 1995Canciones visnavas, Op. 1731. Saki  soprano, flute, piano 
   2. Esta mañana   soprano, flute, piano 
Ronald 1913Four Song Offerings1. Pluck this Little Flower Gtj.006voice & piano (?) 
   2. That I want thee, only thee Gtj.038voice & piano (?) 
   3. He came and sat by my side Gtj.026voice & piano (?) 
   4. Light my light Gtj.057voice & piano (?) 
 1920Four Song Offerings - 2nd series1. Early in the day it was whispered Gtj.042high voice & piano 
   2. Life of my life, I shall ever try Gtj.004high voice & piano 
   3. Yes, I know, this is nothing but thy love Gtj.059high voice & piano 
   4. Let all the strains of joy Gtj.058high voice & piano 
Roosendael 1991The harp of fire1. The Harp of Fire Gtj.015?soprano, sopraan, harp, piano, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion 
   2. His Road  soprano, sopraan, harp, piano, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion 
   3. Song of the Boat  soprano, sopraan, harp, piano, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion 
   4. Fancy  soprano, sopraan, harp, piano, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion 
   5. The Harp  soprano, sopraan, harp, piano, flute, clarinet, 2 percussion 
 1993Sringh¯ara   soprano, harp and percussion10'
Rosner 1968Nine Tagore Madrigals op.37  chorus30'
Rossi 1930Sei la nube della sera  Grd.30voice & piano 
Rota  1923Two Poems by Ribindranath Tagore2. Perché si spense la lampada? voice (ST) & piano  
   1. Illumina tu, o fuoco voice (medium) & piano 1'45"
Rouse 1998Kabir Padavali(6 songs) Kb.soprano & orchestra 
Rudess 1996(from CD) Noirin Ni Riain9. Kay Boshilay (Ode to RT) voices and ensemble 
Ruegintz 193.?Alone   voice & piano 
Russel, W 194.?The Conqueror  bass & piano 
Russell, A 1918I hold her hands  Grd.49high voice & piano 
Ruyneman 1915Twee Wij-zangen (Two Sacred Songs)1. Ik weet niet van uit welken verren tijd Gtj.046voice & piano 
   2. Ik ben genoodigd tot het feest dezer waereld Gtj.016voice & piano 
 1950Quatre Chansons Bengalies1. Le printemps  flute & piano 
   2. Mes chansons  flute & piano 
   3. Doucement  flute & piano 
   4. Mon coeur   flute & piano 
 1953Suite I, Râga Bhairavi1. Ami chan challo hé
(Matin triste)
  flute (or hobo) & piano 
   2. Paki Bolé
(l'Oiseau et la fleur)
  flute or hobo 
   3. (no title)  flute or hobo 
 1953Suite II, Chansons1. Grandfather boys  flute or hobo 
   2. We are all kings  flute or hobo 
   3. My beloved is even in my heart  flute or hobo 
   4. I will not light my lamp  flute or hobo 
   5. Maid  flute or hobo 
Salvador 1976Tres poemes de Tagore1. Invitació  SATB 
   2. Vaixells de paper CM Paper BoatsSATB 
   3. Convocatoria CM Vocation ?SATB 
 1976Vaixells de paper  CM Paper BoatsSATB, also version 3 equal voices3'10
Santa Cruz 192.?Pensées poétiques op.52. Poème XLVI. Chant d'allégresse Gtj.046female voice & piano 
   3. Poème LXVII Chant d'adoration Gtj.057female voice & piano 
   4. Poème II Chant de reconnaissance Gtj.002female voice & piano 
 192.?Pensées poétiques: L'Offrande; Poème XLIX. Du haut de votre trône, op.2  Gtj.049female voice & piano 
Sauguet 19372 Poèmes de Rabindranath Tagore1. Le jour où la mortGtj.090  
   2. Es-tu sorti par cette nuit? Gtj.023  
Schaddelee 1918Wijzang
(Song Offering)
O Gij laatste vertoling des leevens Gtj.091voice & organ 
 1922Tweede Wijzang
(Second Song Offering)
Gij daaldet af van Uwen troon en stond voor de deur van miojn hut Gtj.049voice & organ 
Schadewitz 192.??     
Schafer 1962Four Songs on Texts by Tagore1. Gitanjali no. 1 Gtj.001soprano, mezzo, alto, female chorus12' in total
   2. Gitanjali no. 29 Gtj.029soprano, mezzo, alto, female chorus12' in total
   3. Gitanjali no. 2 Gtj.002soprano, mezzo, alto, female chorus12' in total
   4. Gitanjali no. 57 Gtj.057soprano, mezzo, alto, female chorus12' in total
 1977Beyond the great gate of light3. Lustro, part two "Alo amar alo ogo bhubon-bhora" Gtj.057orchestra, 8 voices, and electronic sounds 
 1991Gitanjali1. Light, my light, the world-filling light Gtj.057soprano & orchestra 
   2. Thou hast made me endless Gtj.001soprano & orchestra 
   3. When thou commandest me to sing Gtj.002soprano & orchestra 
   4. Interlude Gtj.soprano & orchestra 
   5. You came down and stood at my cottage door Gtj.049soprano & orchestra 
   6. I am here to sing thee songsGtj.015soprano & orchestra 
Schildknecht 193. ?Fyra melodramer4. Ursprunget  recitative & orchestra 
Schlenck 19..Prelude on a poem of Tagore"May all the intensity of my love go to Thee"  3 celli and guitar 
Schmitz 1922?Deux Poèmes de Tagore   voice & piano 
Schmutzler 2005?Two anthems2. Let Thy Love Play Upon My Voice Gift.chorus & organ(?) 
Schnabel 192.??     
Schoenberg 1914/15Sketches for the 2nd Movement of a SymphonyU392 - 88 'Gottheit Gtj.088orchestra & voice? 
   U392 - 92 'Ich weiss Gtj.092orchestra & voice? 
   U392 - 100 'Ich tauche Gtj.100orchestra & voice? 
 1917-1922Die Jakobsleiter  8 voices, choir & orchestra 
 1919Aus Fruchtlese1. Lausche mein Herz (U191) Frg.66Voice, flute, horn, violine, cello, harmonium 
   2. Ich fühle, daß alle Sterne in mir scheinen (U192) Frg.83Tenor, clarinet, horn, violine, viola, harmonium 
Schouwman 1935Three Dialogues from The Gardener op.81. Come to us, youth, tell us why there is madness in your eyesGrd.25soprano, baritone & piano 
   2. What comes from your willing hand, I takeGrd.26soprano, baritone & piano 
   3. Trust love even if it brings sorrowGrd.27soprano, baritone & piano 
 1935Vier wijzangen1. O dwaas! die tracht uzelven te dragen Gtj.009voice & string quartet or piano 
   2. Hij kwam en zat aan mijn zijde Gtj.026voice & string quartet or piano 
   3. Ja, ik weet het, dit is enkel Uw liefde Gtj.059voice & string quartet or piano 
   4. Ik weet niet uit welken verren tijd Gtj.046voice & string quartet or piano 
 1936Day after day he comes  Grd.20voice & piano 
 1936Do not keep to yourself the secret op.10b  Grd.24voice & piano 
 1936Love-song  Grd.49voice & piano 
    Grd.31voice & piano 
 1936Love-song, Do not go my love  Grd.34voice & piano 
 1936Love-song, Free me of the bonds of your sweetness  Grd.58voice & piano 
 1936Love-song, Then finish the last song  Grd.51voice & piano 
 1936When she passed by me  Grd.22voice & piano 
 1936When the two sisters go to fetch water  Grd.18voice & piano 
 1936Why did he choose to come to my door? Op.10a  Grd.21voice & piano 
 1936Why do you sit there?  Grd.23voice & piano 
 1936?In the dusky path of a dream  Grd.62voice & piano 
Schubert 199.Gitanjali, 2 Gesänge nach Worten von RT Gtj.soprano, piano & percussion 
 2000Gitanjali (2nd Cycle)  Gtj.mezzo-soprano, piano & percussion 
Schultz 199.(from) In Praise of WildernessMother Earth    
Schulz 20042 Songs after R. Tagore   Soprano, cello & piano 
Schwaner 192.??     
Schwartz 1972Godspell..  musical 
Schyman 2008Stream of Life  Gtj.069  
Schœller 2001Cycle d’après un poème de Rabindranath Tagore- Le Jardinier d’Amour Grd.29choir9'10
Sczerba 2005Rain   voice, violin, clarinet 
Sergi 1992Fireflies  Ff.vocal octet 
Šerkšnytė 1996Songs of Sunset and Sunrise   SATB, flute, harp, violine and cello 
 2007Songs of Sunset and Dawn1. Evening  SATB, orchestra30' (in total)
   2. Night  SATB, orchestra30' (in total)
   3. Morning  SATB, orchestra30' (in total)
Shamser 1999CD: One and One is One  film score 
Shankar 1956Kabullivuallah   film score 
 1961Samanya Kshati  Poem "Samanya Kshati"ballet 
Shatto 193.?Song from Fruit-gathering  Frg.voice & piano 
Shelton 2004Peace, My Heart  Grd.61soprano, SATB, piano & cello 
Shepherd 1927Triptych1. He it is Gtj.072high voice & string quartet 
   2. The Day is No more Gtj.074high voice & string quartet 
   3. Light, My Light Gtj.057high voice & string quartet 
Sigtenhorst Meyer 1915The Gardener LI  Grd.51voice & piano 
 1915The Gardener LXXVII  Grd.78voice & piano 
 1915The Gardener XXXI  Grd.31voice & piano 
 1919The Eternal MelodyThe evening sky, tirelessly repeating the starry constellations, seems like a child Sadhanavoice & strings 
 1927Voor- en tussenspel bij "De brief van den koning"
(entr'actes for "The Post Office")
  Dak Gharstring quartet 
Silkstone 1999Peace, my Heart  Grd.61  
Silva  Five Preludes4. Homage to Tagore  guitar? 
Silverman 2005?Korczak's OrphansAct Three, Summer 1942 "The Post Office" Dak Ghar  
Simoni 2004Two Songs op.602. Gitanjali Gtj.voice & piano6'
Smith 1996/97Songs   soprano, viola & guitar 
Smolanoff 1973The world today is wild - op.33  Poems Old and Newbaritone, woodwind quitet, brass quintet & percussion ensemble10'
Snizkova-Skrhova 19..Gitanjali Songs  Gtj.  
Soares 1964História do Asceta e a Dançarina   chamber opera, in 1 act 
Sohal 1970Kavita I  Grd.05Soprano & ensemble15'
 1970Poems of Tagore I  Grd.41soprano & piano9'
 1971Night's Poet  Frg.20soprano & ensemble7'
 1978Poems of Tagore II  Fug.22-II-192 mezzos & cello (also version for 1 soprano & cello)10'
 1979Inscape  Gift.voice, chorus & ensemble14'
 1985From Gitanjali1. Thou hast made me endless Gtj.001baritone & orchestra 
   2. When thou commandest me to sing Gtj.002baritone & orchestra 
   3. I know not how thou singest Gtj.003baritone & orchestra 
 1993The Unsung Song  Gtj.013Alto & ensemble15'
 1994Poems of Tagore III   2 mezzos & cello (also version for 1 soprano & cello)9'
 1998Songs of DesireMy desires are many Gtj.014Soprano & piano 
Somtow 2002?Songs before Dawn   singers and ensemble 
Spangler 1999?Fireflies (Tagore Songs, Book II)  Ff.mezzo & ensemble 
Spevacek 1995DanzaDance, Dance my Heart Kb.032SSA*, Piano, and Opt. Tambourine and Castanet** (version 1999 SATB)3'
 2003A Call To Freedom Gtj.035SATB 
Srebotnjak 1964Microsongs : za glas in 13 instrumentov9. Megla  voice & ensemble 
Stachowski 1974Śpiewy thakuryjskie  chorus & orchestra 
Standford 1965Gitanjali: four songs to poems by Tagore (op.3)  Gtj.medium voice, fl, cl, hn, hp, vn, va, vc 12'
Steinberg 1924op. 14 Four Songs   high voice & piano or orchestra 
 1924op. 15 Devushka i putnik - La Jeune fille et le passant. Trois chansons d’apre`s le texte de Rabindranath Tagore- Devushka i putnik/The Girl and the Traveler  mezzo & piano 
Stelt 2002Gitanjali  Gtj. 8'24"
Stenhammar 1921Chitra op.43 Chitra  
Stevens 1965Thanksgiving op.37   SATB & strings or organ9'
 1970Hymn to Light op.44   SATB, organ, brass & percussion (or organ only)4'
Stevenson 1965Diptych1. The Source Gtj.soprano and piano4'30"
   2. When and Why Gtj.soprano and piano5'30"
Stewart 2001Grow younger, live longer  with Deepak Chopra 
Stilman 196.?Cantares de la madre jóvenCantata No.3 Gtj.061?soprano, femail choir, lute, violin, alto, cello & 3 percussionists 
   Cantata No.2 Gtj.061Soprano, women's chorus & ensemble 
Stofft 19..Fireflies(and 8 others)  voice and piano 
   My Life's Empty Flute Ff.226voice and piano 
   Worm Thinks it Strange Ff.147voice and piano 
Stout 2008Motets5. Vigil Gtj.019SATB4'
   6. Evening Processional  SATB 
Strazds 1990Gitanjali Gtj.oratorium for soprano, tenor, choir and orchestra 
Strobl 2003... wandern alle Nächte ...   Alt, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello6'20"
Stumpf 2005?From the Unknown Island of a Heart  Grd.22SATB ? 
Suderburg 1959The cycle of spring   incidental music 
Susa 1960Collected Songs, I3. Though the evening comes Grd.67voice & piano 
   4. Youth wanes year after year Grd.46voice & piano 
Sweet 1919Tagore poems1. On many an idle day Gtj.081medium voice & piano 
   2. If it is the pang of separation Gtj.084medium voice & piano 
   3. Beautiful is thy wristlet Gtj.053medium voice & piano 
   4. If it is not my portion Gtj.079medium voice & piano 
Szymanowski 1918Cztery pieśni do słów Rabindranatha Tagore op. 411. Moje serce/Mein Herz
(My Heart)
Grd.31soprano & piano 
   2. Mlody królewicz 1/Der Junger Prinz 1
(The Young Prince I)
Grd.07 1st strofesoprano & piano 
   3. Mlody królewicz 2/Der Junger Prinz 2
(The Young Prince II)
Grd.07 2nd strofesoprano & piano 
   4. Ostatnia piesn/Das Letztes Lied
(The Last Song)
Grd.51soprano & piano 
Sønstevold 19..Min sang   voice, hp, pf, bsn, cb 
 1961Leketøy   voice, hp, bsn, perc cb21'30"
 1961Lieder zu Gedichten von Tagore   voice(M), glock, bongos, vib, tamburin, triangel, hp9'
Tagliapietra 1914/15(from) Romanze:3. Venne e mi sedette accanto Gtj.voice & piano 
Tagore  RABINDRA SANGEET (see the dedicated page)  voice (with and without accompany), opera, ensemble etc. 
Takashima 198.?GitanjaliAnataga Utaeto Meijirutokini a.o.Gtj.female chorus 
Takemitsu 1966Eclipse - W43   shakuhachi & biwa + optional recitation RTca20'
 1966Seven Hills Events - W117  Gtj.ensemble 
Tegnér 1923När jag gnolar melodier:Vårsang (God morgen sang lærken)  voice & piano 
Terzian 1979Shantiniketan   flute, or flute & narrator, or flute, narrator and dancer 
Tessier 1972Jusqu'a ce que vienne l'élue   soprano,flute,ondes Martenot,percussion16'
Thompson 196.?Micro-Cantique sur les Paroles de Rabindranath Tagore     
 2003Journey to an Unknown Destination   choir, percussion/tuned percussion & church organ 
Ticheli 1993Songs of Tagore1. NightfallGtj.074medium voice, piano & alto saxophone 
   2. LightGtj.057medium voice, piano & alto saxophone 
   3. DepartureGtj.021medium voice, piano & alto saxophone 
Tiessen 1918~1921Das Postamt  Dak Gharstage music 
Tilley 2003Song Offerings(8 songs) Gtj.soprano & piano 
Tillis 1996 ?Poem for Orchestra No. 2
(Meditations on Blake, Dunbar, and Tagore)
Toch 1945The Inner Circle - six choruses a cappella - op. 675. Have you not heard his silent steps? Gtj.045SATB 
Toledo 1999Song cycle Mga Salin at Halaw   tenor & percussion 
Torp 1994CD: Souvenirs7. Engblomst, jorden popgroup Souvenirs 
 2000CD: De Bedste Souvenirs16. Om Ingenting popgroup Souvenirs 
   23. Jeg Sad Stille Og Ventede popgroup Souvenirs 
Tosar 1952Aves Errantes / Stray Birds1. El pequeño / The Small world Sb.003Baritone & ensemble9'40
   2. El peregrinaje / The Journey Sb.141(?)Baritone & ensemble7'40
   3. La moche / The Night Sb.119(?)Baritone & ensemble8'17
Trotta 2011?When I Sing to Make You Dance  Gtj.062SSA, piano & flute 
 2012?I Will Keep Still  Gtj.019SATB 
Truán 1972Tres Poemas de "El Jardinero"1. Ligera pasó a mi lado Grd.voice & piano 
   2. Si tú lo quieres, dejaré de cantar Grd.47voice & piano 
   3. No me escondas el secreto de tu corazón Grd.24voice & piano 
Turcotte 1990In silenzio   SSAATTBB 
Turner 2000CD: Get on Jolly1. II/XV (on live CD: 2.)Gtj.002,Gtj.015Dirty Three 
   2. XXV (on live CD: 1.)Gtj.025Dirty Three 
   3. LXXXIGtj.081Dirty Three 
   4. LXXXVIGtj.086Dirty Three 
   5. LXIVGtj.064Dirty Three 
   6. LXVIGtj.066Dirty Three 
 2000CD: Get the fuck on Jolly live7. XIIIGtj.013Dirty Three 
   8. CIIGtj.102Dirty Three 
Ung 1996Grand AlapA Window in the SkyGtj.amplified cello & percussionist 
 1996Grand Alap - A Window in the Sky Gtj.amplified cello & percussionist 
 1997Seven Mirrors1. A Window in the SkyGtj.piano 
   4. Laughter Passes Over the EarthGtj.057piano 
 1998Rising LightInterlude, second movement "Nirvana" Gtj.choral fantasy for piano, choruses & orchestra 
Urner 1930Tendrement à un Ami (Chant à la Tagore)   voice & piano 
Van Someren Godfrey 1950?Death, thy servant  Gtj.086  
 1950?The day is no more  Gtj.074  
Vándor 1993Offrande II   soprano, contralto, baritone, percussion, orchestra22'
VanZandt 2003A Dance Beyond Death   computer processed sounds (version A) or ensemble (version B)12'
 2003First Light   computer processed soprano, chorus & digital sounds17'
 2003Living the Infinite   soprano & computer processed sounds13'
 2003On the Shores of Eternity   computer processed sounds13'
 2003On the Shores of Eternity (opera)   Multimedia Dance Opera120'
 2003The Messenger   computer processed soprano & digital sounds13'
 2003The Stars Look On   soprano & computer processed sounds (version A) or soprano & ensemble8'
 2003Understanding   soprano, electronic cello & computer processed sounds8'
 2004From the Far to the Far Beyond1. Mandakini  SATBarB 
   2. The Secret Journey  SATBarB 
   3. The Stream of Life  SATBarB 
Vea 1984Elegi   2 voices (SBar), cl, vln, vcl, pf  
Vega 1945Two Songs     
Vera-Rivera 19..The Tagore settings (?)1. Apocalíptika II piano & strings 
   2. Arkana I cello & piano 
   3. Arkana II flute quartet 
   4. Silogístika II voice, clarinet, violin, cello & piano 
   5. Silogístika I transverse flute & guitar 
   6. Preámbulo y Antiprosa voice & piano 
   7. Conmutaciones 2 flutes & Piano. 
Verhaalen 1994Song cycle2. On the seashore of endless worlds Gtj.060soprano, piano, string quartet, bass, flute, bassoon 
Vermeersch 200.Nay Nay Bhoy [Have no fear]1. Quasi improvisation ( alaap )  bass clarinet, viola discordatura9'
   2. Jhor: duration  bass clarinet, viola discordatura8'
   3. Jhalla: duration  bass clarinet, viola discordatura5'
   4. Gath  Bb clarinet,violino discordatura5'
Vignati 1933Ctyri písne s pruvodem klavíru, op. 2  Grd.high voice & piano 
Vir 1988Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva   6 voices21'
 1989/90Snatched by the GodsDevoured Debatar Grasopera55'
 2008He Begins His Great Trance  Brahma, Vishnu, Sivachoir 
 2008Wheeling Past the Stars(4 songs) Selected Poemssoprano & cello 
Visser 1985Songs of Unity Kb.mezzo & guitar17'
Vlasov 1958Chitaia Tagore: simfonicheskie tantsy
(Tales of Tagore: symphonic dances)
Vojtíšek 1980Zahradník tri písně na verše R. Thákura (3 songs)  Grd. 12'
Voronina 196. ?Vokalnyi tsikl na stihki Rabindranath Tagore1. Mechta  baritone & piano 
   2. Dialog  baritone & piano 
   3. Pouchenie ("Instruction")  baritone & piano 
   4. Strastnaia pesnia ("Holy song")  baritone & piano 
   5. Zemli bengalii ("Bengal soil")  baritone & piano 
Walker, G 1999The Golden Harp1. Invocation - I am here to sing thee songsGtj.015SATB & string quartet30' (total)
   2. Beloved - If you speakest notGtj.019SATB & string quartet 
   3. Prayer - This is my prayerGtj.036SATB & string quartet 
   4. Light, my light - Light, my light/O beloved of my heartGtj.057SATB & string quartet 
   5. Thou Art - Thou art the skyGtj.067SATB & string quartet 
   6a. My Tears of Sorrow - Mother, I shall weave a chain of pearlsGtj.083SATB & string quartet 
   6b. Death, my death, come and whisper to meGtj.091SATB & string quartet 
   7. Salutation - In one salutation to thee, my GodGtj.103SATB & string quartet 
Walker, R 1978Dance, my heart Kb.032double choir & organ duet 
Waltz 1937Two settings1. Minstrel's Song  voice & piano (?) 
   2. When I Go Alone At Night Grd.09voice & piano (?) 
Webber 1999Sunayani [Lovely-eyed]  from "In the Eyes of a Peacock"sound and video portrait 
Weber 1993Jhampak (nach Tagore) tala: Jhampakorgan & tabla 
Wegren 1994Songs of Gitanjali1. Silent amazement Gtj.003tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   2. Rhythms in time Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   3. Flower of simplicity Gtj.049?tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   4. The ulitmate offering Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   5. The carefree spirits Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   6. Veiled progress Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   7. Humanity's freedom Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   8. Infant's secret Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
   9. Butterfly sails Gtj.tenor, piano & cassette tape 
Weigl 1982Peace, my heart  Grd.61voice, violine & cello (or piano) 
Weismann 1926Tagore-Lieder op.671. Wohin eilst du? Grd.54alt, piano trio 
   2. Wenn die zwei Schwestern Grd.18alt, piano trio 
   3. Wanderer, must du gehn? Grd.63alt, piano trio 
   4. Es war Mittag Grd.55alt, piano trio 
   5. Der gelbe Vogel Grd.17alt, piano trio 
Weiss, F 1961Vier Lieder nach Tagore-Texten op.79   soprano, flute, guitar8'
 199.?Wenn du es willst   male choir & horn 
Weiss, H 2008Requiem "Schwarz vor Augen und es ward Licht"   soprano, tenor, boys choir, chamberorchestra60' in total
Wessel 1919The day is no more  Gtj.074voice & piano 
Wettstein 1968Die Lotosblume blüht im Angesicht der Sonne   chamber cantata: mezzo, tenor/bar., fl, 2 perc., 2 hf17'
 1971-1972Gitanjali - Kantate1. Orgel solo Gtj.1. organ solo 
   2. Als Wesen ohne Ende Gtj.0012. choir a capella 
   3. Diese kleine Schilfrohrflöte Gtj.0013. choir & organ 
   4. Orgel solo Gtj.4. organ solo 
   5. Es kommt zu mir Gtj.0015. choir a cappella 
 1984Leben   voice & piano 
Wiegold 1992A soft wind stirs   soprano, chamber ensemble 
Wiemans 19253 Wijzangen [3 Sangesopfer]1. De dag is voorbijgegaan
Der Tag ist vorbeigegangen
Gtj.074voice & piano 
   2. Ik vroeg niets van u
Ich bat dich um nichts
 Gtj.054voice & piano 
   3. Als de rest van ener herfstwolk
Wie der Rest einer Herbst-Wolk
 Gtj.080voice & piano 
Wilhelmi 1943Gitanjali : Tre sånger  Gtj.soprano & orchestra (also piano version?) 
Wilkins 1981Six song offerings op.351. Light Gtj.027solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
   2. Awaiting Gtj.solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
   3. Sleep, precious sleep Gtj.047solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
   4. Dreams, resonant with melodies Gtj.026solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
   5. Arrival Gtj.solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
   6. The world-filling light Gtj.054solo voices (SATB) and chorus (SATB) 
Wilson-Dickson 1995Upagupta   flute (& voice?)7'
Wirén 1923Mitt hjärta vildmarkens fågel   voice & piano 
 1923Så sluta den sista sången   voice & piano 
Wise 1931?Three songs1. ..    
Wolfe 19..-     
Wolpe 1926Neun Vertonungen aus Gitanjali 1. O du letzte Erfüllung des Lebens Gtj.091voice & piano 
    2.. An dem Tage, da der Tod Gtj.090voice & piano 
    3. Ich weiss es wird kommen der Tag Gtj.092voice & piano 
    4. Gottheit des zertrümmerten Tempels Gtj.088voice & piano 
    5. Voll verzweifelter Hoffnung Gtj.087voice & piano 
    6. Bist du draußen in stürmischer Nacht Gtj.023voice & piano 
    7. Ich ging als Bettler von Türe zu Türe Gtj.050voice & piano 
    8. Ich hab meinen Urlaub erhalten Gtj.093voice & piano 
    9. In dieser Zeit meines Abschieds Gtj.094voice & piano 
   10. Ich wusste den Augenblich nicht Gtj.095voice & piano 
   11. Wenn ich von hier geh Gtj.096voice & piano 
   12. Ich schmücke Dich mit Trophäen Gtj.098voice & piano 
Yomen 1946Far Vos? [Why?]  Grd.52voice & Klezmer ensemble 
Yoon Pin 199.?Three Lyric Poems of Tagore   chorus 
Zanettovich 1970/2002Commento a tre Gitanjali  Gtj.soprano, piano, violine, viola & cello 
Zemlinsky 1923Lyrische Symphony Op.181. Ich bin friedlosGrd.05  
   2. Mutter, der junge PrinzGrd.07  
   3. Du bist die AbendwolkeGrd.30  
   4. Sprich zu mir, GeliebterGrd.29  
   5. Befrei' mich von den Banden deiner SüßeGrd.48  
   6. Vollende denn das letzte LiedGrd.51  
   7. Friede mein HerzGrd.61  
Zuelli 1916La mia canzone  CM My Songvoice & piano 
Zweers 1914Wijzang LIX [Song Offering LIX]  Gtj.059soprano & wood quintet 
 1915Wijzang CIII [Song Offering CIII]  Gtj.103soprano & wood quintet 

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